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My name is Meir Barak, I’ve taught thousands of day traders from around the world how to make money day trading the market. I can teach you too! I invite you to join my 14 day free Day Trading Room trial and learn the world’s best profession.

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Our $500 INTRO program has all you need to get started: trading education, Meir’s “The Market Whisperer” trading book, online Trading Room access where you’ll trade live with Meir Barak, and a live funded $14,000 account which you can trade and share your profits, with no risk to you!

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New to day trading? Looking to improve your skill set? Join us in our online Trading Room and allow Meir Barak and his team to be your personal mentors. Join hundreds of traders from different countries; learn and mirror the trades of some of the world’s leading day traders. Take our free 14 day trial now!

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Trade Stocks, CFD’s and Forex, from any device, anywhere in the world. Open a live Colmex Pro account with as little as $1000.
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Tradenet has educated more than 16,000 professional traders worldwide since 2004. Choose between our basic or advanced courses, or combine them in our world renowned Mentorship Program.
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Funded Trading Accounts

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Pay for your education—and have all the trading capital you need. You will be eligible to trade a funded account of up to $240,000 and share your profits. Our Funded Trading Account programs are designed to help you become a consistently profitable trader with the best education, but without the worry of losing your own capital.

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“I have been a member of the of the Tradenet Trading Room since November 2014. And after two and a half years of losing, in December 2014, I have become a profitable trader thanks to your trading room! Matter of fact, Feb 2015 was my best month. I had no losing days! I want to thank you and Tradnet for helping me turn the corner in my trading.”

Joe Vincent

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“I have been to other trading rooms before with disappointing results. Tradenet trading room is quite different. The room atmosphere is quite nice, friendly and I sometimes find even fun and enjoyable. The staffs are highly skilled, supportive, professional and very willing to answer questions.  It makes me feel this is a special place, a club of successful traders.”

Peter Tillman

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“This is to express my appreciation for the trading room. I joined in November the day after Thanksgiving. First trade: $300! I was hooked. Since then, I have learnt much by watching you trade. I have developed my own trading style thanks to all the advice and examples, and I am now ‘green’ a majority of days. How exciting it is to be trading for a living!”

Robert Livinston

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“Tradenet is the best trading room I’ve been in since I started trading partime 5 years ago. I am so upset I found this room after I have already blown thru my account. I know for a fact I would have had a TOTALY different experience with my prop account had I found u guys when I first started trading.”

Orlando Santos

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