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Learn how to day trade, and potentially enjoy an extra income. Learn how to day trade the markets, as taught by our top mentors, Meir Barak and Scott Malatesta.

Since 2004, Tradenet live day trading academy has educated more than 30,000 traders worldwide.
You are welcome to select between our basic and advanced courses, or combine them in our world renowned
Mentorship Program.

Tradenet is the world’s best day trading academy

Tradenet is the best and largest live day trading academy in the world. It offers live education to traders through experienced and highly skilled day trading mentors.

Tradenet has educated thousands of traders worldwide since its inception. The experienced team of mentors includes some of the world’s leading names in trading, including Meir Barak and Scott Malatesta, who have decades of combined experience in day trading.

Tradenet Day Trading Academy holds the potential to change the lives of its students and comprehensive programs. Those include self-study course, star trader course, weekly mentorship session, top trader course, and personal coaching, amongst many others. Many challenges and Free Trials.


Day Trading YouTube Channel

Along with the theoretical education offered in various courses, day traders can learn about the practical applications through Tradenet’s YouTube channel.

Tradenet’s YouTube channel has hundreds of videos about all the aspects of day trading. It has day trading tutorials for newbies to learn day trading, like How to Trade Breakouts, Trade Management for Day Trading, etc.

The videos also provide education regarding the technical aspects of trading including technical analysis, chart reading, etc.

Day Trading Education Programs

Tradenet seeks to teach you how to trade financial markets using a rigorous, in depth, and hands-on education program.

Through Tradenet’s Education Programs, which have been leading the industry in recent years, students learn how to manage their trading account, and improve their mental stamina.

Tradenet’s world renowned education Programs show newbies the way to become day traders. By completing a Tradenet educational program, students can learn, earn, and grow.


Learn to day trade and become a better trader!

Four educational packages to fit any level of experience

INTRO Program




EXPERT Program


PRO Program


Join our live trading chat room

Another unique feature of Tradenet is its live day trading room. It is the world’s largest live trading room.
Like Meir Barak, trading CFDs and Scott Malatesta who performs simulated and live trades using live market data. Students can learn from their strategies and executions.
Tradenet’s live trading room offers real-time assistance through its team of moderators, live education and trading support, and complete transparency. The live trading rooms show all the trades, including the winners and losers. Tradenet’s Live Trading Room is the most transparent out there.
Start our Trading Chat Room Trial and get 14 days to our live trading room.

Day trading schools are excellent opportunities for new traders to learn the concepts of trading. The benefits get ramped up when theoretical training is complemented with practical sessions.

Tradenet is, thus, the world’s best day trading academy as it offers education courses and packages, along with access to its YouTube channel, and live trading rooms.

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Tradenet is a day trading training school. We offer courses including lessons about stock trading, CFDs, options, futures and foreign exchange.
At Tradenet, we specialize in providing day trading courses with inexperienced beginners and experienced traders.
We offer three learning options: self-taught interactive online courses, , live online group courses and 1:1 teachings.
Some of our services have several language options, including Spanish, German, French, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, Arabic, etc.