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Since 2004, Tradenet trading academy has educated more than 16,000 professional traders worldwide. You are welcome to select between our basic and advanced courses, or combine them in our world renowned Mentorship Program.

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New to day trading? Looking to improve your skill set? Join us in our online Trading Room and allow Meir Barak and his team to be your personal mentors. Join hundreds of traders from different countries; learn and mirror the trades of some of the world’s leading day traders.
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What is Trading Academy?

People often turn to day trading to achieve financial freedom, but the learning process can be overwhelming. Tradenet Trading Academy is the solution to ease your access to the stock markets. Tradenet’s academy’s task is to help people acquire the skills needed in day trading. However, only a handful academies offer the best day trading courses, and Tradenet is one of the leaders.

What is a Trading Academy and How Does It Help You?

Day trading isn’t for everyone and trying to learn on your own often cause frustrations. A trading academy is an institute dedicated to training people in stocks, investments, forex and the like. If you’re challenged by day trading, then it is better to seek the help of a well-known trading academy. You can learn investment strategies and even get coached by professional stock traders. The knowledge you’ll gain in a trading academy will eventually benefit you in the long run.

Why Tradenet Is the Best Trading Academy for you?

Tradenet Trading Academy founded by professional trader Meir Barak, a worldwide known veteran day trader. Since 2004, Mr. Barak has trained thousands of successful day traders around the globe. Tradenet Trading Academy offers the best free day trading course, and conducts a live mentorship program headed by Meir Barak himself.

Mission Statement: Enriching lives worldwide with exceptional financial education.

By enrolling in the  Tradenet Academy you do not only gain access to one of the most in depth trading course’s, but you also have the privilege to log, watch, and follow Mr. Barak (Tradenet’s head trader), trade live every day on the US stock market, and significantly improve your trading skills. Tradenet Trading Academy can help you achieve financial freedom through day trading. In fact, Meir Barak guarantees that you’ll be accepted as a funded account trader or get 100% of your money back .

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