• Length: 14 Days
  • Languages: EN, ES, RU

About this service:

Get access to the biggest online day trading chat room and trade alongside Meir Barak for free. Get live support from Meir and his crew at no cost for 14 days. The trading chat room is live 9:20am through 4pm EST every trading day.

What you will get:

  • Access to watch Meir Barak and his top colleagues as they trade
  • Watch top traders provide trading strategy pointers, live commentary, and support to one another
  • Ask the team any question and get a live, knowledgable answer
  • Get educated by following Meir, and his experience after over two decades trading live

Additionally you get

  • Unfiltered access
  • Insights from experienced traders
  • Live streaming up to the closing bell

Is this service good for me?

The level of your day trading skills is not all that matters. We want to give everyone their chance to try out the services that make us proud. During these 14 days, our team will help and support you. You will learn from Meir’s live trades, realize the potential of day trading, by following the very best, and learn the most.

Meir Barak

“During these 14 days, you can follow all of my trading activity, learn and undersand how I perform in this exciting world of day trading. In my trading room, you will find the whole community of professional traders, who work together to provide you with support, trade ideas and real-time feedback”