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Meir Barak, Head Trader

The Tradenet Live Trading Chat Room is the ultimate, most comprehensive and essential solution for every successful Day traders and swing trades.

Join the Trading Room daily during New York trading hours, 9:30am-4pm (on trading days, excluding weekends and holidays).

At the room’s live chat you can watch, listen and live-follow the trading made by our industry leading day-trading analysts, including Meir Barak, our mentor. Meir Barak and the rest of the world-class team, trade live, right on your computer screen, so that you follow every trade they make.

The analyst team, lead by Meir, will demonstrate their own real money, how they determine which trades to enter, at what quantities, their stop-loss points, their partial points and their exit point!

Moreover, the analysts’ P/L (Profit/Loss) screen is completely transparent to you! You can see by yourself that Meir and the team are ‘walking the walk’ and not just talking the talk. You can use the different channels to learn about different securities: stocks, futures, derivatives and options, forex and more.

Our experts provide live technical analysis and give you tips and tricks for day trading success by improving your skills.

Oh, and don’t forget - the Trading Room is not a one-way-street! You get to ask questions, live! For example, if you are thinking of entering Apple long if it hits above a certain amount (say $200) - just type in the chat: AAPL>200? And one of the moderators may come back with a response and explanation about the pros, cons, potential benefits and potential risks for performing it.

So come on over and join now, to enjoy the power of our record-breaking professional trader community, where you can mirror trades, and get trading ideas in real time

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