The dollar index traded sharply higher following the decision of the ECB to continue the quantitative easing program until mid 2019. The move surprised the markets that were looking for a more hawkish ECB. The Euro saw its worst day versus the dollar in 2018, down 1.6% on the news and looking to break yearly lows today. The dollar and the JPY gained versus majors across the board sending a clear message to investors that 2018 is the year of the dollar. EU markets traded sharply higher on the news while US markets traded mostly sideways, led by technology stocks while other leading sectors lag. The US China tariffs issue is now the next hurdle for investors in the week ahead.

There is no important news on the agenda Friday. THE JUNE FX CLASS 3/3 TODAY AT 3:30 pm US.


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  1.01% 1.68% 0.81%1.39%1.37%0.35%0.00%
1 YEAR2.68%3.54%5.07%-0.86%15.06%6.24%



Swing trades follow up 

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
NASDAQ7170791011/67170SL changed
EURUSD15700.7-1015/61601New position
EURJPY129.650.6-19512/6129.3Stopped out