The dollar index traded sharply lower on news that the EU has reached an agreement on emigration policies. The Euro traded sharply higher on the news, closing above the 1.1650 level on its biggest move versus the dollar in more than a month. EU markets responded with a move higher across the board yet it seems that the effect of the move will be short lived as EU and Asian futures are pointing sharply lower Monday morning. That’s on trade fears in Asian markets and political woes in Germany. Oil managed another positive close Friday, closing above 74$ per barrel, at three year highs. Metals traded higher on the weaker dollar yet the move was capped and it seems investors shy away from Gold in this trading environment.

UK Manufacturing at 9:30 am and US ISM Manufacturing at 3:00 pm are the important news on the agenda Monday.


29.6.18 0.89% 0.24% 1.18% 0.93% 0.18% 1.09%
0.68% -0.63% 0.64% 0.9% -0.76% 0.62% 0.08%
Dollar Index DAX FTSE100 CAC40 EURSXX50 NIKKEI225 CSI300
-0.82% 1.06% 0.28% 0.91% 0.89% -1.96% -2.02%
1 YEAR -0.16% 4.43% 3.96% -1.34% 9.15% -6.21%



Swing trades follow up 

Trade Entry price Position Open profit Date triggered Stop loss Remarks today
OIL 66.7 4 2720 22/6 71.48
NASDAQ 7084 5 -320 29/6 7000
GOLD 1252 40 -110 28/6 1245 New position
DAX 12322 2 -400 28/6 12090 New position
OPEN PROFIT     $1850




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