All successful traders will gain access to a $14,000 live funded account!

Meir Barak, Head Trader

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Each trader will receive a demo account with a trading balance of $10,000 (no margin)

The goal is to reach and maintain a net profit of $500 at the end of the trading challenge while fulfilling
all the following requirements:

  • At least 3 active trading days out of the 5
  • At least two trading days with a net profit of $100 or higher
  • Minimum 6 tickets and maximum 20 tickets per each active trading day
  • Maximum daily loss must not exceed $100
  • Maximum total loss must not exceed $300*
  • Day trading only – all positions must be closed before the end of the trading day

* A copy of a photographic identification document (e.g. driver's license, passport, etc.) is required

* Reaching maximum loss limits will result in disqualification from the trading challenge.

* The registered recipient of the challenge is the only one authorized to participate in the demo challenge

* Winners will be required to complete a short survey and provide a short video of themselves trading.

* The participant irrevocably permits the Company to publish thier name, video and trading results,
without any rumination or credit to the participant.

* You have 7 days after winning the demo challenge to claim the prize.

The 5-Day Demo Challenge goal is to locate skilled day traders.
To find highly capable day traders, the challenge was intentionally designed to be demanding and difficult to win, thus, passing the challenge stands
as a strong indication for individuals who have potential to cope well with the challenging everyday day-trading routine. Due to the extensive amount of resources put into registering and monitoring each challenge participant, the number of seats available for the 5-Day
Demo Challenge is limited. For this reason, applicants with little to none trading experience might not get accepted to the challenge