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May 6, 2019

Trading is an exciting and lucrative profession. Many people aspire to become professional and successful traders; however, the journey is not that simple. Becoming a professional day trader and earning living trading is not as easy as it may appear. According to statistics, only about 5% of the people who enter the world of trading earn money out of it.

The difference between the successful traders and the not-so-successful ones is that of perseverance, knowledge, skills, and discipline. Budding traders must begin the process with the right and robust foundation that lies in extensive education and training.

Many trading academies and institutes offer free online trading lessons for aspiring traders to understand the basics of trading. Learning the basics is the first and foremost step, and free online trading lessons help in achieving just that.

To start learning free online trading lessons, new traders must do a bit of research to narrow down a large number of academies offering these trading courses. Traders must go through the course structure and contents to decide what suits their requirements and will help them achieve what they want.

Once the list is narrowed down and the specific free online trading course has been shortlisted, traders must learn and follow the lessons diligently and in a disciplined manner so that they can build a robust understructure for their future growth.

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Free Online Trading Lessons Offered By Tradenet

For the traders searching for the best free online trading lessons, the search ends at Tradenet. The online trading lessons have been created by experts in the industry, after extensive research. They cover all the fundamental concepts of trading and are equally suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders who wish to brush up their knowledge.

The free online trading lessons of Tradenet are the best way to start. The entire course includes seven videos with lifetime access, eight quizzes, and interactive training. The free day trading lessons prepare budding traders for the exciting, yet challenging, world of trading, in relatable  and straightforward language.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Day Trading

The first free online day trading lesson gives an introduction to the world of trading. It provides a sneak peek into the journey as a trader and how do traders grow and establish themselves. The lesson then explains the different stock exchanges in the US and how to use trading symbols on the trading platform. The video also talks about the stock exchange opening hours in the US and the UK, including pre-market and post-market hours.

The introductory lesson also informs new traders of which stocks they will be trading. Shares to be traded should not have too high or too low prices and must have an average daily volume of more than 750,000 to ensure sufficient liquidity. Additionally, the stocks traded must have a difference of more than 5 cents between the bid and the ask for better execution.

Lesson 2: Trading Methodology

The second free online day trading lesson talks about the differences between swing trading and day trading. Swing traders spend less time and make less number of trades while day traders devote more time per day and more days per week. The video also gives examples of swing trading and day trading for a better understanding.

The free online trading lesson also discusses types of transactions as long and short, and how to make profits through these transactions. New traders can also learn about shorting from this lesson.

Lesson 3: Japanese Candlesticks

The next of the free online trading lessons provides information about Japanese candlesticks. Traders learn about how to use and read Japanese candlesticks in this lesson. The video talks about green rising price candlesticks and red declining price candlesticks, with a description of their parts. The lesson also gives a bit of history about Japanese candlesticks and how to use candlesticks in a formation.

Lesson 4: Market Indicators

The fourth of the free online trading lessons of Tradenet deals with market indicators, the essential tools for day trading. The video explains how important market indicators are and how they impact trading. The most significant market indicator, the S&P 500 Index, is discussed in detail, along with the NASDAQ Index. Meir Barak gives a practical demonstration of how to use the market indicators and how they impact trading.

Lesson 5: Volumes and Trends

The next free online trading lesson is about volumes and trends. The video begins with an introduction to technical analysis and how it affects trading. The lesson further discusses uptrends and downtrends, and their correlation with volumes. New traders get to learn the fundamentals with the help of examples and charts.

Lesson 6: Support and Resistance (Part One)

Lesson six of the free online trading lessons is about support and resistance. The lesson talks about the support levels with the help of real-time charts and explains the reasons for support. Similarly, the video also talks about the resistance level, its causes, and examples.

Lesson 7: Support and Resistance (Part Two)

The next free online trading lesson of Tradenet explains how support sometimes becomes resistance and how resistance sometimes becomes support. Meir Barak uses a real-time chart to describe the conversion and its significance.

Thus, Tradenet offers the best free online trading lessons for budding traders to learn and grow. The lessons cover all the required aspects for a new trader to familiarise himself with the world of trading and getting launched.


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