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May 6, 2019

What is Tradenet?

Tradenet is one of the best trading academies in the world. It has educated and mentored more than 30,000 traders worldwide and continues to support many more. Tradenet offers all that is required for beginner traders to become profitable professionals. The training academy imparts intraday trading lessons through its education programs, interactive videos on the YouTube channel, and its live trading room. The success of Tradenet stems from its highly experienced leadership, including top traders Meir Barak and Scott Malatesta.

Who is Meir Barak?

Meir Barak is a professional day trader with decades of rich experience. He is also the author of the best-seller trading book, ‘The Market Whisperer.’ Meir continues to trade and shares his knowledge and expertise with budding traders with Tradenet as the medium. Mr. Barak has a strong passion for trading and helps new traders by interacting with them in the live trading room of Tradenet and offering them free online trading lessons.

Free Trading Lessons on Tradenet

Tradenet is the one-stop shop for free trading lessons for beginners. The company has certain paid education packages as well; however, new traders can access a lot of trading lessons for free.

Free trading lessons at Tradenet include a free day trading course. The course is loaded with intraday trading lessons apt for the beginners and consists of an introduction to the markets, trading methodology, technical analysis, market indicators, volumes & trends, and support & resistance.

Tradenet also provides free trading lessons in the form of hundreds of interactive and educative videos on its YouTube channel. Aspiring traders can access online trading lessons for free and scale up their knowledge. The videos cover the fundamental and technical facets of trading and are highly useful for beginners.

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Free Live Trading Room

Tradenet is adept at offering free trading lessons through its live trading room. Students and budding traders can access the live trading room, watch the masters trade, and learn from them live.

Top analysts like Meir Barak and Scott Malatesta perform live day trading in the live trading room Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm EST. New traders can watch them trade and mirror their trades, along with getting live streaming of their charts and screens. It amounts to one of the best free trading lessons. Traders can clear their doubts as they go, discuss trades and strategies with the analysts, and hop on the bandwagon to success.

The access to live trading room is available at a monthly or annual subscription; however, traders can get free trading lessons by taking a free 14-day trial. During the free trial, students can join the live trading room and enjoy the power of professional traders community.

At the same time, traders can also get access to free online trading lessons by watching Meir Barak trade live every day on Tradenet’s YouTube channel. The YouTube channel has hundreds on videos with screen recordings of Meir’s live trades that can be accessed for free. Some of the helpful videos include Day Trading Tiffany for $2,900 using Reciprocal Range Trading System and Live Day Trading for $6,500 in 15 Minutes. Hundreds of such videos provide stock trading lessons for beginners and are available for free!

Free Day Trading Challenge

In addition to the free trading lessons in the form of free trading courses, free live trading room, and free videos, Tradenet also allows its students to take a free day trading challenge.

All traders who qualify for the free day trading challenge of Tradenet receive a demo trading account with a trading balance of $10,000. The demo trading account lets traders practice their strategies, tools, and skills without risking real money.

The free day trading challenge serves as an excellent tool to teach free trading lessons. The qualified traders need to trade for at least three of the five active trading days and generate a net profit of $500. They must adhere to the terms and conditions including daily profits of $100 or more on at least two trading days and a maximum daily loss limit of up to $100.

Traders who win the free day trading challenge, while being within the terms and conditions, win access to a $14,000 funded day trading account and profit payouts of up to 70%. The winning traders also get access to free trading lessons in the live chat room, through Meir’s best-selling book, and the Self-Study Course.

Overall, Tradenet is an ideal platform that offers a wide variety of free trading lessons. The free online trading lessons range from free education to free live trading room access for a limited period to free videos on its YouTube channel. It also allows its students to participate in a free day trading challenge to stand a chance to win access to a funded account.



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