European Markets    

European markets closed lower on very little price action and no important news on the agenda. The UK markets were closed for a bank holiday leaving investors very little reasons to sample the markets one week ahead of the end August, notorious for its low volumes and choppy trading environment. Most major sectors and bourses closed in the red, Vivendi was the CAC40 worst performer down 2.9% while Adidas led the DAX lower, down 1.8% on the day.  

1 Month-0.97%-0.72%-0.69%-0.78%
1 Year14.57 %15.06%7.73%14.54%



                                                                                                 MARKET MOVERS      -2.86%



Forex & Commodities markets  

After another weak session for the dollar, the markets reacted late in the day to the renewed geopolitical N. Korea tension, sending GOLD soaring to 10 month highs and over the 1300$ barrier. After a weak session the Yen turned higher on investors move to safe heavens while the AUD lost ground vs all majors overnight. OIL traded sharply lower on refineries shutdown in the US while crude prices moved higher from the same reasons. US consumer confidence at 3 pm is the important news on the agenda Tuesday.


28.8.2017 0.35%-0.1%0.38%0.44%  1.5%-2.3%
-0.13% 0.37%0.33% 0.23% 2.5%1.3%


Swing trades follow up –

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
AUDJPY86.550.7-41421/885.4Stopped out
USDCHF95610.724625/89582New position
NASDAQ58076928/85746New position