European Markets:  

EU markets closed mixed for the second day in a row, the DAX outperformed its EU peers to close up 1.2% at record highs. Positive EU data and euro weakness supported the rally in the DAX while the FTSE closed lower on stronger sterling and HSBC weaker than expected earnings report. The EUSXX600 index closed higher 0.64%. UK GDP is the important news on the agenda Wednesday morning, then FED minutes at 7 pm GMT.


Earnings on the agenda Wednesday morning:,,,


Markets DAX CAC40 FTSE
21.2.2017 1.18% 0.49% 0.34%-
3 Months 25.09% 21.57% 27.12%
1 Year 8.06% 2.23% 12.11%


                                                                                  MARKET MOVERS 2.88%  -6.54% 2.46% -3%  1.72% 3.94%      
 Rolls 3.46%      

 Forex & Commodities markets

The Euro and OIL were the important movers in the markets Tuesday, OIL rallied to close to 1.5% on OPEC output slash while the Euro continued its move south vs all majors to close near 12 month lows.

UK GDP is the important news on the agenda Wednesday morning, then FED minutes at 7 pm GMT.    


21.2.2017 0.01% 0.42% -0.2% -0.61% -0.1% 1.44%
   0.55% -0.08% 0.29% 0.4% -0.25% -0.05%


Swing trades follow up –

Asset Entry price Position Open profit Date triggered Stop loss Remarks today
     13.69 500 180 15/2 13.91  
AUDNZD 0650 1 605 13/2 0628  
DAX 11760 4 -590 14/2 11900 Stopped out 10.7 400 100 3/8 10.7  
Anglo 13.97 700 -392 13/2 13.24  
Air 5.95 700 486 16/2 6.41 SL changed
OPEN PROFIT     921$      


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