European Markets:  

All EU markets closed lower to open the trading week, all major sectors closed in the red. Autos were the worst performing sector down 1.4%.  A warning by a Bank of America analyst on EU profit margins and Trump policies made matter worst for the markets Monday. Rangold better than expected profit earnings was good news for the basic resources sector and the best EUSXX600 performing stock. The EUSXX600 index closed lower 0.6%. There is no important news on the agenda Tuesday.

 Earnings on the agenda Tuesday morning:

6.2.2017-1.07%  -0.91% -0.17%
3 Months21.17%19.25%25.78%
1 Year4.12%0.2%-10.77%


                                                                                  MARKET MOVERS


Forex & Commodities markets

The JPY and metals were the winners in the markets Monday. Weakness in the dollar and the red day in the equities markets paved the way for gains in the metal sector while the JPY moved lower in sentiment for the markets and a weaker dollar. There is no important news on the agenda Tuesday.        



Swing trades follow up –

AssetEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
USDJPY112.96110003/2112.62SL changed
GOLD1226302206/21214New position