European Markets:    

European markets traded sharply higher on the ECB decision to continue the asset purchasing program thru 2018 and following the dovish ECB press conference that favored the support of current financing conditions in the EU zone. Most major sectors closed higher on the day led by industrials stocks, while banks and health care sectors lagged the markets. Nokia surprised the markets with a weaker than expected earnings report sending the stock tumbling 17%.  



1 Month 6.68%6.81%1.51%4.82%
1 Year24.88%22.24%6.33%20.4%



                                                                                                 MARKET MOVERS
Uniliver.uk3.43%Deutsche      -0.95%  -1.75% -3.43% 2.1%       -2.06%   



Forex & Commodities markets:  

The ECB press conference did live up to market expectations sending the Euro sharply lower after the decision to continue the stimulus program thru September 2018. The FX markets reacted with a one percent move lower in the euro vs majors and a sharp move higher in the US dollar. The move sent the Euro to 3 month lows vs majors and reversed most of the move higher in the Euro that started in July. US GDP at 1:30 pm is the important news on the agenda Friday.



26.10.2017-0.75%  0.16%-1.1%-1.27%-0.8%0.86%
0.91%0.72%-0.42%-0.24%0.4%-0.8% -0.71%


Swing trades follow up –

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
CADJPY88.60.7-9026/1089New position
USDCAD28010.735026/102774New position
USDNOK8.010.7145023/108.15SL changed
EURGBP89410.7-14025/108960Stopped out