Read below or watch the video above to hear the day trading picks for the week of December 3rd. Gain insight as to which day trading stock picks you should choose.

We ended the most volatile week of the past year. The S&P 500 index gained 1.5% last week, the Dow Jones rose 3%, but the interesting story of the week was that the Nasdaq fell 1.1%.
Technology stocks that led the rally like Netflix and Facebook lost more than 4% , But on the other hand, energy and financial stocks rallied to new highs.
The US tax reform was the main reason for the 2017 rally, however, the tightening investigation around Trump’s administration sparked serious concerns.
With the approval of the tax reform law, there is a high probability of realizing the familiar term: “Buy rumors and sell the news.“ Are we at the point of selling the news?

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