The dollar traded mostly sideways versus majors and most FX markets traded a lackluster session other than the sterling. The GBP reversed sharply after falling as much as 0.6% on Gov Carney remarks than the UK economy is likely to go thru its worst economic year since 2009. Global equity markets traded sharply lower across the board led by the German DAX and US technology stocks that on global growth fears and remarks from US President Trump that he won’t meet with Chinese leader Xi Ping, bringing back the US China trade war. Metals reversed higher after three selloff days while OIL traded sharply lower on global growth concerns to close 2.5% lower at 52.6$ per barrel, that’s despite OPEC projected output cuts.

CAD Employment change at 1:30 pm is the important news on the agenda Friday.


0.12% -2.67%-1.11%-1.84%-1.93%-2.01%—%
1 YEAR12.46%-1.08%-3.22%-6.71%-7.12%-23.97%



Swing trades follow up

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
AUDUSD71170.73306/27108SL changed
OIL53.768807/252.44SL changed
OIL53.4867507/252.81New position