Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join your Educational Programs?



You can join our Funded Accounts Educational Programs right now!!! using PayPal, credit card or wire transfer.

For further information contact us at [email protected]

What is a Day Trader?

Day trading is speculation in securities, specifically buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day. Many traders may not be so strict or may have day trading as one component of an overall strategy. Traders who participate in day trading are called day traders.

When I have a platform related question, whom do I call?

Tradenet is the technical support for trading platform from trading equities and FX currencies to commodities, we are always ready to solve any issue our students have.

What is a CFD Trading Platform?

A CFD trading platform is a computer software program that can be used to place purchase or sale orders of financial products over the Internet with a financial intermediary.

What is a Funded Sub Account?

Tradenet has the ability to select different investment firms which are looking for day traders pending our online trading training courses to apply for a funded sub account to trade the investment firms funds.

How soon can I get a live Account?

Once Tradenet submits your request for your sub account.  Live details will be sent to you after you are approved and we  have received all signed and related contracts. This process takes up to 5 working days

I never traded in my life can I still be a day trader?

A journey of a thousand steps starts with one step! Before you jump into the market, you must have a plan. The plan includes a reliable broker, trading equipment (internet connection & computer) and a guide.Tradenet Account Mangers and Advisors are the leading team in getting our students from the first step to the next one.  Contact us and we will show you the way!

[email protected]

Why doesn’t the chart not show the stock I am trying to trade?



How do your day trading courses work?


Our online trading courses are designed to take you step by step according to your knowledge, needs, and goals. We train people with no experience and highly experienced traders.They include live, online, recorded educational studies and live day trading throughout the entire week so you will never lose any information or material. You can interact with our Day Trading Mentors through the live sessions.


Do I need to quit my day job?

We provide you a safe and professional environment in becoming a successful trader.Together we have over seventy years of trading experience in the markets, which you are exposed to through live day to day trading sessions. We provide you with an Account Manager that organizes a tailor-made plan that suits your needs according to your level of experience. In addition, you receive hands on trading experience, total transparency and live coverage of your trading so by no means do you need to quit you day job to become a day trader.

How long can I use the trading chat room?


Each Educational Program in our Day Trading Academy has its own time limitation on our service.Our Advisors and Account Managers will help you with all the details you need,

Please contact us at [email protected] .


What are the sub-account execution costs?

The current transaction fees in a sub-account are $0.006 per share/CFD ($6 per 1,000 shares/CFD) with a minimum of $1.5 per ticket, all paid by an external investment firm (additional overnight margin and routing fees of $0.0015 apply).  A monthly platform and data fee of $15.1 per month is also charged.

Where can I get references about Tradenet?

We offer you a 14-day free trial where you get to see firsthand what all our traders experience.  You enter our live trading chat room with our analysts to see how everything works. We Guarantee that We will teach you the principle of day trading. We believe in our day trading training plans and well taught courses that will provide you with the correct tools in becoming a successful trader.  We also follow Meir Barak’s best selling book which explains the entire journey of becoming a successful trader.  In addition, we have Testimonials on our website so please come and visit.

Common Trading orders misusage?
  • What is “NO POSITION TO COVER”? - Same as “check open orders” you have an open pending order which is first in priority
  • What is “Range is wrong”? - See that your range or implement range parameters are above & below the current market price. If you do not intend to add a range Uncheck the implement range, checked box.
  • “I keep getting “stop to close to price”? – Make sure you have at least a 5-cent cushion between the stop price and current market price (bid or ask) depending on if you are selling or buying
  • What does this mean “Stock not tradable” “? - Low volume and high volatile stocks combined with under $5 share price can cause a risk factor to the broker leading to “Stock not tradable” you can contact your Tradenet account manager to send a request to review if a stock can be traded or not.
  • No Equity or Leverage? – you are currently not open for trading – immediately contact support
Why are you better than Other Day Trading Academies?

We will provide you a safe and professional environment in becoming a successful trader. Together we have over seventy years of trading experience in the markets, which you are exposed to through live day to day trading sessions. We believe this makes us one of the best trading academies available today.



Is it possible to jump from program to program?



It is called an upgrade and you can do it at any time, For any assistance you can contact either your Personal Tradenet Account Manager or our Advisors team @ [email protected].