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Funded Accounts

Trade from home, pay only for your education, and get all of the trading capital you need to become a successful trader. All your losses will be absorbed; you will receive 70 – 85%* of the net profits derived from your trading.

Pay Only For Your Education and

Receive a Fully Funded Trading Account!

Personal Mentorship

We’ll take you by the hand to teach you how to consistently earn a profit as a Wall Street trader, offering you an opportunity to trade for a living and have all of the trading capital you need.

Live Trading Account

You will be given access to a funded live trading account to trade with no risk. TEFS will absorb all losses; you will receive 70% – 85% of the net profits derived from your trading.

Join our Team

Traders who join our elite trading team will have access to our basic and advanced courses, mentorship program and a lightning-fast professional trading platform.

Funded Trading Account

Your trades, NoT YOUR money.

Choose Your Program

One Time Payment
  • 1-month program
  • Self-Study course
  • Trading Book
  • Live Trading Room
  • Demo training account
  • $14,000 account value
  • $700 max. loss
  • Revenue split of 70/30*
One Time Payment
  • 4-month mentorship
  • Self-Study course
  • Star Trader course
  • Live Trading Room
  • Demo training account
  • Trading Book
  • $80,000 account value
  • $4,000 max. loss
  • Revenue split of 75/25*
One Time Payment
  • 8-month mentorship
  • Self-Study course
  • Forex Trader course
  • Star Trader course
  • Live Trading Room
  • Demo training account
  • Trading Book
  • $160,000 account value
  • $8,000 max. loss
  • Revenue split of 80/20*
Best Value
One Time Payment
  • 12-month mentorship
  • Self-Study course
  • Forex Trader course
  • Star Trader course
  • Top Trader course
  • Live Trading Room
  • Demo training account
  • Trading Book
  • $240,000 account value
  • $12,000 max. loss
  • Revenue split of 85/15*

Full 14-day money-back guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tradenet hiring me?
No, you will not be employed by Tradenet. You will be trained and, upon completion of the Self-Study course and a 14-day demo practice, be provided with a fully funded TEFS sub-account, offering you an opportunity to trade and to receive up to 80%-95% of the net profits realized in the TEFS sub-account.
What are the sub-account execution costs?
The trading account is being charged by its broker an execution cost of $0.006 per share, which will be passed through to the sub-account. For example, if you buy 200 shares, the execution cost will be $1.20, however, there is a minimum of $1.50 per trade. Added to the execution cost is a routing fee, whose average rate is $0.0015 per share, so that if you buy 400 shares, the total will be $3.
Are there any additional monthly fees?
The trading account is being charged by its broker monthly fee of $15.1, which will be passed through to the sub-account. You will not pay us this sum – as it will be deducted automatically from the balance of the trading account that is traded by you.
Is my money refundable?
Yes. During the initial 14 days, you may cancel your participation in the program and receive a full refund. This will remain in effect during the initial 14 days, as long as you did not trade the live TEFS sub-account. A demo practice sub-account will be provided and may be used during this period. After 14 days, you may cancel your participation in the program and receive a full refund if for any reason you were not accepted to the TEFS program.
How long can I use the Trading Room?
Our INTRO program includes one month Trading Room membership. All other programs are based on your participation in our Mentorship Program which includes, among other services, the Trading Room membership for between 4-12 months according to the plan you choose. Your participation as a TEFS trader is independent of the Tradenet education program, and at the sole discretion of TEFS, therefore you may continue to trade your TEFS funded account even after your Trading Room membership is over.
Is there an additional fee for retaking the training programs?
No. You will be able to retake the entire program free of charge. While you are in the program, you will never have to pay for training again, which means that our program is both rewarding and cost-effective. We even encourage you to retake courses as many times as you can. In fact, many of our customers take the courses 3 or more times. The more experience you acquire, the better you can understand and grasp the material in the courses you retake.
Once I pay for the program, how soon will I be able to trade a live account?
For the INTRO Program you will have access to a live trading account only after you finish the Self-Study course and trade your demo account for a minimum of two weeks. For the STUDENT, EXPERT and PRO programs you will also have to complete the Star Trader 5-day course.
What will my responsibilities be?
You do not have any responsibilities. You may leave the program whenever you choose. We hope that over the course of a few months, once you’ve gained some experience, you will settle on a style that best suits your profile, personality and the amount of time you can devote to trading.
When can I withdraw some or all of my profits?
TEFS will allow you to withdraw your account profits every month. Transfer of the profits will be made by TEFS directly into your bank account, your credit card account or you PayPal account. A payout request may only be made as of the end of a calendar month, must be submitted no later than the 10th day of the following month, and will be effected by the 15th day of the payout month. The Profit must exceed $200 in order to be eligible for a payout. The payout will not be subject to any other fees.
Can I request additional funding?
Yes, if you are a member of the EXPERT and PRO programs, your sub-account funding may be increased up to $400,000. However, this increase will always be granted based on your trading performance as evaluated by your TEFS account manager. Increasing your account value may help you make more profit, yet it is also risky for novice traders who have yet to reach the required level of stability. In the world of professional trading, stability and self-control are the name of the game! Your TEFS account manager will evaluate your progress and make a decision as to whether to increase your sub-account funds, and if so by how much.
I can't trade full-time at the moment. Can I become a part-time trader?
Yes. Day trading is a difficult profession to master, so that the process of training a trader may take quite some time. We recommend our students to acquire practical experience in day trading at least one day a week for a minimum of 2 hours. The longer the learning period, the better the process of assimilation and internalization of the material. We know, based on our experience, that part-time traders often grow into some of our best full-time traders.
How can I pay?
You can join our Funded Accounts educational program right now using PayPal or a credit card. You can also pay us via a wire transfer. For more details on how to send a wire transfer, contact us at [email protected].

Like to know more?

If you have any questions about joining our courses, funded accounts programs, trading room or anything else, please contact us here and one of my team members will come back to you soon.

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