EU equity markets and US futures are lower this morning as investors take profits of the table after a strong 48-hour rally in the markets. EURSXX 50 is down 2.2% his morning while US futures are 0.8% lower as well. FX markets are trading another red session for the dollar, down 2.5% over the last 4 trading days. The index is at 100.36 this morning, down 0.7%. The JPY and CHF are getting stronger this morning, a typical “safe heaven” move as investors fear the spread of the corona virus in the US and more troubles near term for the global economy. US Jobless claims will shed some light on the numbers of jobs the US market lost over the past month and how deep the recession fears are in the biggest global consumers market of lost jobs. Gold is trading marginally lower at $1,630 per ounce this morning after the pullback yesterday and Silver is at $14.42, near the flat line. Oil prices keep trading between the $23-$25 range as demand is likely to drop near term as more US cities lockdown and the prospects of an OPEC+ deal not on the table. OIL Inventories grew as expected by 1.6 million barrels yesterday, for the ninth week in a row and products supplied dropped 10%, reflecting a weak environment for energy products in the US.

G20 meetings, (over satellite) all day, UK BOE Official Rate Decision at 1:00 pm, US Jobless Claims and Final GDP at 1:30 pm are the important news on the agenda Thursday, (all times GMT). 


Global Markets 24 hours wrap-up
26.3.20 -0.1% -1.34% -0.2% 1.15% -0.17% -3.1%
0.77% -1.03% -0.99% -1.54% 2.37% -0.32% 0.76%
Dollar Index DAX FTSE100 CAC40 EURSXX50 NIKKEI225 CSI300
-0.7% -1.77% -1.56% -1.57% -1.58% -4.51% -0.66%
1 YEAR -13.53% -23.08% -18.36% -17.36% -12.9% -0.06%
Swing report
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The US dollar index is down for the 4-th day in a row after investors switch again to the JPY and CHF as their favorite near term “safe heaven”.

The EURSXX50 is down this morning after a strong 2-day rally as investors await the US Jobless claims, the first such number since the corona epidemic hit US jobs markets.

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