My name is Meir Barak, I’ve taught thousands of day traders from around the world how to make money day trading the market. I can teach you too! I invite you to join my 14 day free Day Trading Room trial and learn the world’s best profession.

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Join Tradenet’s STUDENT PROGRAM and learn how to earn a living trading stocks. This innovative education package makes you eligible to trade live with an $80,000 fully funded sub-account. In fact, you only pay for your education, and you are eligible to receive up to 75% of the net profits you generate on your Funded Account.

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New to day trading? Looking to improve your skill set? Join us in our online Trading Room and allow Meir Barak and his team to be your personal mentors. Join hundreds of traders from different countries; learn and mirror the trades of some of the world’s leading day traders.

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Tradenet has educated more than 16,000 professional traders worldwide since 2004. Choose between our basic or advanced courses, or combine them in our world renowned Mentorship Program.
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Pay for your education—and have all the trading capital you need. You will be eligible to trade a funded account of up to $240,000 and share your profits. Our Funded Trading Account programs are designed to help you become a consistently profitable trader with the best education, but without the worry of losing your own capital.

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