Forex, Commodities & EU Markets Course

The course that will make you a Forex trader

Learn how to become a Forex trader

The Forex, Commodities & EU Markets Course was developed to teach you how to become a professional Forex trader, how to understand and trade commodities, and how to trade major EU stocks successfully. This stock market day trading course will help you become financially independent, work from home, and earn a living as a trader. No previous knowledge required.
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Included in the Forex Course

3 Live 3-hour Online Sessions

Our classroom can be accessed from your home, office or any other location where Internet is available. You will learn advanced trading including live examples. You will share the instructor’s desktop and exchange ideas with other students.

Access to Recorded Materials

Missed a class? No problem. We want to give you flexible learning options. We record all of our lectures so that you can review them in your own time. You can use them as a learning tool, or as a lecture substitute if you can’t attend.

Trading Room Live Mentoring

Two months of access to our Trading Room is included in the program. In our Trading Room you will trade live with Meir Barak, stock trading mentors, and leading traders, as well as be able to ask real-time questions about the techniques you’re learning.

Demo Trading Account

You will have access to a live data Demo trading platform where you will be able to practice your skills during the course and three weeks after.

Class Schedule

Time Zone: EST

Topics Included in the Forex Course

  • Forex market trading basics
  • Commodities market trading basics
  • EU market trading basics
  • Understanding global market interactions
  • Basic Orders Recap
  • Advanced trading orders
  • Technical Analysis
  • Mastering Japanese Candlesticks
  • Technical patterns
  • Market news and market fundamentals
  • How to make money on market news
  • EU stock best trades and trading strategies
  • Swing trading of EU stocks, Indices and Commodities
  • Trade, risk and reward management

Customer Testimonials

I enjoyed myself tremendously

Toni Ungerer | Switzerland

“Tradenet’s course starts with some simple strategies but the reality is there’s no magic algorithm that guarantees trading success. Tradenet’s students succeed because in class they learn the tools and fundamentals to develop their own strategies and, most importantly, after classroom training is over Tradenet provides ongoing advice and support so the fledgling trader can quickly grow in experience and confidence. As an experienced trader myself, I came to the course a little cynical, but in fact I enjoyed myself tremendously and learned a great deal.”

The course has changed my life!

James Westropp | Canada

“I undertook the Tradenet course with the intention of making a bit of extra cash but it has given me so much more. Having been in the army since leaving university my financial knowledge was terrible and my understanding of trading utterly absent. Over the course I developed a keen interest in the markets, an appreciation of Tradenet’s simple, well thought out trading system and an understanding of how the consistent application of this can make money. When I started the course I was 7 years into an army career. Next week I start working in a bank. Without doubt the course has changed my life.”

I would happily recommend Tradenet

F. Chong | USA

“I was really pleased with my experience of doing the Tradenet course. Having no background in finance, I was a little apprehensive, but the knowledgeable and professional team dispelled my doubts from the very first session. I found the course to be rewarding, interesting and fun. It has taught me about a whole area I knew nothing about and given me the tools and the confidence to get trading on my own. The best part is that I know the support from the team is ongoing, well after the classes finished, so I can call on them for help and advice when I need it. I would happily recommend Tradenet to anyone considering doing such a course.”

You changed my life forever!

Ron L. Davidson | New Zealand 

“You changed my life forever! After almost having lost hope as an independent trader, I feel that after having completed the course I am on the right track towards financial independence. I presently trade quietly and independently, without having a boss overseeing every step I make and with the success I never expected to achieve! Following twenty years in the industry,
I finally found the field that makes me get up with a smile in the morning. Thank you so much.”

Course Instructor

Meir Barak

Michael Orevi

Forex, Commodities EU stocks Trader, Analyst & Moderator

Michael Orevi has specialized in Forex, Commodities EU stocks and US stock market trading and mentoring since 2005.  As the Forex, Commodities and EU Markets Trading Room Analyst, his responsibilities are to deliver the most up-to-date trading strategies and money management techniques to our traders as well as to help them become successful and profitable. Michael is also an experienced US market day trader.

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