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Stock Market Mentor Program

Interested in the becoming a stock trader but have no idea where to begin? Tradenet has educated more than 30,000 professional traders worldwide since 2004. Our Mentorship program is designed to teach you day trading starting with the basics, from the ground up. You’ll get education and personal session with a stock trading mentor. Our Mentorship Program is here to help you become a trader, achieve your target, and change your life.

Our Program

We have implemented a mentoring method that communicates directly with you. It allows you to communicate with Meir Barak and his team to train you to become a successful trader. When you join our program, you’ll begin by meeting with one of our lead day trading mentors who will review, discuss and customize our program to match your personal knowledge and skills. Whether you are just starting your trading career or you are an experienced trader interested in advancing your skills in stock trading to the next level, we’ll match you with the right mentor.

Class Schedule

Included in Our Program

Weekly Mentorship Meeting

Bring your questions each week to your virtual meeting with our leading day trading mentors and other mentorship program students. Meetings will focus on trading techniques and trade management

Personal 1:N Mentoring

We believe that there is nothing like 1:N mentoring to help you become a successful trader. You can schedule private sessions during your program directly with your account manager.

Self-study course

Our Self-study Course is included in the Mentorship Program. The course is accessible 24/7 and includes training videos, interactive practice sessions and online tests.

Trading Room Live Mentoring

Unlimited Trading Room access is included in the program. In our Trading Room you will trade live with Meir Barak, analysts and other traders, as well as be able to ask real-time questions about the techniques you’re learning from expert stock trading mentors.
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You can buy one or multiple months of the Mentorship Program. Click “Buy Now” and choose the number of Mentorship months you wish to purchase.

The Tradenet Mentorship Team

We offer one-on-one coaching for both learning to trade and for improving your performance as a trader. This is for serious traders that are 100% committed to succeed. We will choose one of our team members as your personal mentor for one single hour. All mentoring is carried out via Skype. In order to reserve a private session, please email: [email protected]

Meir Barak


 Meir Barak

Chairman & Head Trader 

Meir Barak is a professional day trader, author of "The Market Whisperer" best-seller trading book, and a leading Wall Street expert who regularly appears on TV and in the financial press. He founded Tradenet in 2004 and serves as the company’s chairman, chief trader and professional mentor. He owes his financial success to the US stock market. By sharing his day trading strategy, he strives to help others achieve a high quality lifestyle.





 Michael Orevi

Trader, Mentor & Analyst

Michael has specialized in Forex, Commodities EU & US stock since 2005. As a Tradenet Trading Room analyst, his responsibilities are to deliver the most up-to-date trading strategies and money management techniques to our traders, as well as help them become successful and profitable.



Scott Malatesta


 Scott Malatesta

VP, Analyst & Mentor

Scott Malatesta has trained and mentored traders from across the world. As the VP and trading room analyst at Tradenet, his responsibility is to ensure the proper training, account management and profitability that lead our traders to the lifestyle they desire. His mentorship has grown many successful traders from beginner to professional.



Agnes Lafleur


 Agnes Lafleur

Analyst, Mentor & Moderator

Agnes Lafleur has specialized in US stocks and options since 2008. She has exact, clear and well-proofed day- and swing-trading strategies. Since 2010, she’s mentored Tradenet students, helping both beginners and experienced traders achieve a profitable trading style. She excels at helping people obtain a successful trading attitude.



Shlomo Cooper


 Shlomo Cooper

Chief Analyst & Moderator

Since 2003, Shlomo Cooper’s pragmatic approach and perseverance has led him to a successful career as a professional day trader. He focuses on being one step ahead of the market and has 12 different strategies to beat the market on a consistent basis. He believes in smart money management, hunting hot stocks, always being where the action is, and not giving back profits.






 Amir Barak

Trader, Mentor & Analyst

Amir Barak met the world of Day Trading in 2009 and was captivated by its charm. He has been a trader and coach for several years and believes in trading according to a work plan using a variety of strategies, for short and long term. Risk management is one of the motifs that Amir uses to set new trading goals for himself and for the traders he mentors.





 Gil Paz 

Trader, Mentor & Analyst

Gil Paz has been investing since the nineties and has been trading actively for more than a decade. After having developed a successful trading strategy, he decided in 2012 to start trading full-time. Since then he trades for institutional clients as well as his own capital. Additionally, he is a well-known Educator in the field of trading in the German speaking world.Gil Paz is a classic trend follower with a process driven trading strategy. He loves and lives the markets, and there is a high possibility that at this very moment he is thinking about the next big move and the risks involved in it.





 Danny Schwarz

Trader, Mentor & Analyst

Danny started trading in 2006, trading the US stock markets for more than 11 years. Danny is one of Tradenet’s leading Trading Room analysts and a qualified Star Trader course instructor together with Meir Barak. Since 2010 Danny mentored Tradenet students, helping both beginners and experienced traders achieve a profitable trading style.



Frequently Asked Questions

For how long should I participate in the mentoring program?
After having trained thousands of traders, we came to the conclusion that when novice traders attempt to absorb the subject matter of the studies within a short period of time, their chances of success are lower than those of traders that make slow but thorough and gradual progress and exercise the learnt curriculum. The Mentoring Program is built gradually and is based on our rich experience gathered over many years of training. You will be learning new topics week after week, practicing and progressing to the next step only after controlling the subject and feeling confident enough about advancing further. This is a personally customized mentorship program devised in accordance with the progress capability and personal knowledge of each trader, whether they have previous experience in the field or not. You should participate in the program for as long as you feel that you are advancing at a satisfying pace that is worth the time and money you spent. This may differ between different individuals, however, we would suggest a minimum of 3 month’s of participation. You don’t have to commit for any minimum period. You can leave the program at the end of every month.

What should I expect upon completing the program?
Our Mentorship Program undoubtedly is the best day trading education program available today. Our trade instructors, led by Mr. Meir Barak, one of the best-known traders worldwide and undoubtedly the best team to train you to become a stock trader. Completing the Mentorship Program is just the first step you take in your career as a stock trader. Stock trading is a profession, and the respective professional training is similar to a marathon race and very much like in every other profession, you will be required to continue learning, gathering experience and improving your skills over many years of trading. After completing the Mentorship Program you may continue trading with us in the Trading Room on a daily basis, join our advanced seminars, and at a later stage even join our trading instructors program. This program will let you engage in the educational aspects of stock trading and join our team of instructors. We will assist you in reaching your personal goals and support you all the way towards success!

Can I repeat a course?
There is no limitation as to the times you can study the course and practice the curriculum. The self-study course is available to you 24 hours a day, and you may repeat the course as many times as you may see fit during the Program.

What should I do if I miss a weekly mentoring session?
Since all sessions are recorded, you may listen to the recording, or just join the next scheduled session in case you had to miss a certain class.

Is the program better for experienced traders or beginners?
The mentorship program will be personally customized to your needs, whether you have little experience in the field, or you are a trader who wishes to advance to the next professional level. It is likely, though, that an experienced stock trader will show more interest in the weekly mentoring sessions, The Trading Room, and less in the self-study course. In spite of that, our experience shows that even experienced traders sometimes need to refresh the basics in order to advance to the next professional level.

How can I pay for the mentorship program?
You may pay with PayPal, Credit card, or through a bank transfer. With a PayPal or a credit card used through PayPal, you can pay a recurring monthly payment, which you may cancel anytime if for any reason you wish to leave. If you prefer the bank transfer option, please contact [email protected] to receive our corresponding bank details and more information.

How can I participate in the mentorship program free of charge?
We offer two options to participate in the program without paying tuition fees:

  1. If you open a brokerage account with Colmex, it may pay your tuition fees.
  2. Join our Funded Accounts Program, which usually include this program.

If you already have a Colmex or a funded account, please contact your representative at Colmex, or [email protected], for further details.

Do I get a refund of my tuition fees if I drop out of the Mentorship Program?
We are here to help you. We never force you to stay! You may leave the program at the end of every month. If you used PaPal or a credit card paid through PayPal, you can cancel the next month’s recurring payment by yourself in your online Paypal account. If you pre-paid for more than one month by using a wire transfer or any other payment option, we will refund you at the end of any month for any future unused period.

As mentioned above, you may leave at anytime, however, you need to remember that the first condition for success in trading is determination and persistence. You have to mark a target, understand the economic and mental significance of coping with difficulties, and make a personal decision to win at all costs. Determination is an indispensable personal quality to succeed in business, sports, marriage as well as in trading. We will help you to overcome any difficulty you might encounter, but we want you to remember before joining this program that you must be determined to make it. Our percentage of successful graduates is the highest in the entire trading industry, and we are determined to preserve our leading position.

Should I use additional learning materials?
Our study plan is based on the trade methods and the success of Tradenet’s founder, Mr. Meir Barak, writer of the best seller trading book: “The Market Whisperer.” We recommend you purchase the book from the Amazon website and to use it as an additional tool in the course of the mentoring. Download part one of the book free of charge. The book is available online in several languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, French, Hungarian, Arabic, Hebrew

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