Top Trader Course

The advanced course that will take you to the next level!

Advanced Trading Course for Experienced Traders

The Top Trader Course was developed by leading Wall Street traders to guide you towards the next level of professional stock trading. Get behind-the-scenes of professional trading and gain the knowledge to make a steady income from day trading stocks.

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Topics Included in Top Trader Course

Included in the Top Trader Course

5 Live 3-hour Online Sessions

Our classroom can be accessed from your home, office or any other location where Internet is available. You will learn advanced trading including live examples. You will share the instructor’s desktop and exchange ideas with other students.

Demo Trading Account

You will have access to a live data Demo trading platform where you will be able to practice your skills during the course and three weeks after.

Self-Study Course

Our Self-study Course is included in the Mentorship Program. The course is accessible 24/7 and includes training videos, interactive practice sessions and online tests.

Access to Recorded Materials

Missed a class? No problem. We want to give you flexible learning options. We record all of our lectures so that you can review them in your own time. You can use them as a learning tool, or as a lecture substitute if you can’t attend.

Trading Room Live Mentoring

Two months of access to our Trading Room is included in the program. In our Trading Room you will trade stocks live with Meir Barak and leading traders, as well as ask real-time questions about the techniques you’re learning.
  • Trade according to the Game Theory
  • Trading Small Caps
  • Computers and Institutional – how to defeat the sharks
  • Identifying institutional tactics and coping with them
  • Using Pivot Points
  • Stock picking by using a scanning software
  • Using Hot Keys
  • Smart use of Level II
  • Advanced use of Time & Sale
  • Trade during option expirations
  • Market analysis under various time windows
  • The “technical amplifiers” method
  • Rating trades – how to rate individual trade transactions
  • Market analysis by analyzing sectors
  • Trading systems – planning and creation
  • Momentum trading
  • Advanced management of watch lists
  • The “large stones” doctrine
  • Breaking trading myths
  • The fixed quantities paradox
  • Calculating the correct quantity
  • Advanced risk and reward rules
  • Using the GPS trading tool
  • Applying the “four scenarios” method
  • The “Money elevator” method
  • Identifying trade traps
  • The TTM Method to create a fixed monthly income
  • The “20:20” method – how do experts read the chart?
  • Failure patterns – How to trade it
  • A falling knife – How to hunt a stock from the bottom
  • Using NRB and WRB candles
  • Advanced trade methods through Bollinger bands
  • Trading IPOs: day trading and swing trading

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Customer Testimonials

I made the right decision!

Hassan Al Abdu, | UK

As a Top Trader course graduate it is now absolutely clear to me that I made the right decision. The lectures were fascinating, and I never before experienced such level of professionalism by traders who deeply understand the forces dominating the trade at the stock exchange. Moreover, the instructors succeeded in explaining the whole topic in a simple yet convincing manner. No doubt you built here the best possible course on trade in shares. Thank you very much! “

You changed my life forever!

Ron L. Davidson | New Zealand 

“You changed my life forever! After almost having lost hope as an independent trader, I feel that after having completed the course I am on the right track towards financial independence. I presently trade quietly and independently, without having a boss overseeing every step I make and with the success I never expected to achieve! Following twenty years in the industry,
I finally found the field that makes me get up with a smile in the morning. Thank you so much.” 

Course Instructors

Meir Barak

Meir Barak

Chairman & Head Trader

Meir Barak is a professional US day trader and leading Wall Street expert who regularly appears on TV and in the financial press. He founded Tradenet in 2004, and serves as the company’s chairman, senior lecturer, chief trader and professional mentor. He owes his financial success to the US stock market. By sharing his day trading strategy, he strives to help others achieve a high quality lifestyle.

Shlomo Cooper

Shlomo Cooper

Chief Analyst & Moderator

With 13 years of experience, Shlomo Cooper’s pragmatic approach and perseverance has led him to a successful career as a professional day trader. He focuses on being one step ahead of the market and has 12 different strategies to beat the market on a consistent basis. He believes in smart money management, hunting hot stocks, always being where the action is, and not giving back profits.

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