Trading During a Crisis Course
Learn how to take advantage of those crises
in which markets are crashing rapidly and sharply.

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Trading During Crisis Course

In times of Crises, when stock markets fall sharply and long-term investors lose a lot of money, short-term stock traders make profits and may even make more profits than they used to make during the regular rate increases. Traders have more trading options during a crisis, compared to regular periods. High volatility allows traders to make more profits with the significant movements. .

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Course Instructors

Meir Barak
Chairman & Head Trader

Meir Barak is a professional US day trader and leading Wall Street expert who regularly appears on TV and in the financial press. He founded Tradenet in 2004, and serves as the company’s chairman, senior lecturer, chief trader and professional mentor. He owes his financial success to the US stock market. By sharing his day trading strategy, he strives to help others achieve a high quality lifestyle.

Scott Malatesta
VP, Analyst & Mentor

Scott Malatesta has trained and mentored traders from across the world. As the VP and trading room analyst at Tradenet, his responsibility is to ensure the proper training, account management and profitability that lead our traders to the lifestyle that they desire. His mentorship has grown many successful traders from beginner to professional.

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