The dollar traded sharply lower following a dismal job report Friday afternoon that took FX and global equity markets by surprise. Global equity markets closed their worst week in 2019 and both US and EU equity markets are now facing an array of bad economic news, starting with the dovish ECB Thursday and going thru Friday Chinese weak trade data and capped by a 20K jobs creation in the US, the worst job report in years. The JPY was a winner Friday on a run to safety across the board, so where metals, jumping more than 1% on a weaker dollar on NFP and a move away from equities. Oil closed lower Friday on global slowdown fears and the highest US crude production number on record Wednesday, down more than 1% on the day, closing at 56.07$ per barrel.

US Retail Sales at 12:30 pm are the important news on the agenda Monday.



1 YEAR-7.2%-1.66%-0.82%-4%-1.58%-9.75%




Swing trades follow up

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
NASDAQ706073010/37000New position
GBPUSD30830.7-228/33110Stopped out
OIL56.274707/356.51Stopped out