A Leader in Day Trading Education

Established in 2004 by Meir Barak, Tradenet has successfully taught more than 16,000 people worldwide to intelligently trade the US markets. Tradenet offers comprehensive online day trading training courses on US stocks, as well as the world’s largest online Trading Room where hundreds of US stock traders from all around the world meet and trade daily under the live guidance of Meir Barak. Our courses are taught by Meir Barak and other well-known professionals live on-site, at locations around the world or online. By sharing his day trading strategy, Meir Barak strives to help others achieve a high quality lifestyle.


The Tradenet Team

Meir Barak

Meir Barak

Chairman & Head Trader

Meir Barak is a professional day trader, author of “The Market Whisperer” best-seller trading book, and a leading Wall Street expert who regularly appears on TV and in the financial press. He founded Tradenet in 2004 and serves as the company’s chairman, chief trader and professional mentor. He owes his financial success to the US stock market. By sharing his day trading strategy, he strives to help others achieve a high quality lifestyle.

Scott Malatesta

Scott Malatesta

VP, Analyst & Mentor

Scott Malatesta has trained and mentored traders from across the world. As the VP and trading room analyst at Tradenet, his responsibility is to ensure the proper training, account management and profitability that lead our traders to the lifestyle they desire. His mentorship has grown many successful traders from beginner to professional.


Gil Paz

Trader, Mentor & Analyst

Gil Paz has been investing since the nineties and has been trading actively for more than a decade. After having developed a successful trading strategy, he decided in 2012 to start trading full-time. Since then he trades for institutional clients as well as his own capital. Additionally, he is a well-known Educator in the field of trading in the German speaking world.Gil Paz is a classic trend follower with a process driven trading strategy. He loves and lives the markets, and there is a high possibility that at this very moment he is thinking about the next big move and the risks involved in it.

Shlomo Cooper

Shlomo Cooper

Chief Analyst & Moderator

Since 2003, Shlomo Cooper’s pragmatic approach and perseverance has led him to a successful career as a professional day trader. He focuses on being one step ahead of the market and has 12 different strategies to beat the market on a consistent basis. He believes in smart money management, hunting hot stocks, always being where the action is, and not giving back profits.


Amir Barak

Trader, Mentor & Analyst

Amir Barak met the world of Day Trading in 2009 and was captivated by its charm. He has been a trader and coach for several years and believes in trading according to a work plan using a variety of strategies, for short and long term. Risk management is one of the motifs that Amir uses to set new trading goals for himself and for the traders he mentors.


Michael Orevi

Trader, Mentor & Analyst

Michael Orevi has specialized in Forex, Commodities EU stocks, and US stock market trading and mentoring since 2005. As the Forex, Commodities and EU Markets Trading Room analyst, his responsibilities are to deliver the most up-to-date trading strategies and money management techniques to our traders, as well as help them become successful and profitable. Michael is also an experienced US market day trader.