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Trading Platform Frequently Asked Questions

How do I link charts?

Connect the charts with the Color System, make sure the chart, Level II, T&S and the Sock Box, have the same color connecting them:


I keep seeing “Stop too close to price”, What do I do?
Make sure you have at least a 4 cent cushion between the Stop price and the market price.
If CFD’s are not the market in itself, then where does the money come from?
CFDs are contracts just like stock options. Stock options are “written” and traded in the market just like CFDs are written and sold by the broker. A CFD broker, just like an option writer, may cover some or all of his/her risk by buying or shorting stocks in the real market; therefore money may come from the market or from market making activity.
Why are some stocks not tradable?
Low volume stocks may be restricted. You can contact Colmex directly and request certain stocks to be added to the trading list, and they will usually open it up to be traded.
Sometimes the Analysts mention that the volume is too low to safely take a trade. How do I determine what is good or bad volume in a trade?
Our analysts usually target stocks which trade at a volume greater than 1 million shares per day; however, good or bad volume is relative to the market environment. For example, on a slow summer afternoon, what a trader considers good might not be during busy morning prime trading conditions. A general rule of thumb: It needs to be enough of a tight spread (1-3 cents) on the Level II, with enough movement to exploit a move from it.
I want the platform to automatically put in a stop loss and profit target before I enter the trade.

You can do this by using the Colmex Implement Range function, just select this and the low price becomes your stop loss and the high price becomes your target price so that when you enter the stock these parameters will already be set up for you.


How do I get the best fill when getting into or out of stocks?
If you use the Colmex Pro CFD platform, since CFDs have very high liquidity, you should probably use the Market order. Market orders will provide you a 100% fill in the vast majority of the stocks we trade in the room; however, in some low volume, widespread stocks, you may need to use the Limit order. It is important to understand how to navigate the use of Limit orders. They do not provide perfect entries every time, so there is a slight “art” getting into and out of trade positions. The market can be very volatile with jumpy spreads and can take some screen time experience to get better at obtaining excellent stock entries and exits.
I have a platform related question. Who should I address?

Although we are not the Colmex support desk, we are always ready to try and solve any issue our members have. For any specific questions on the platform please contact privately the Tradenet Support Manager. You may also want to contact the Colmex support desk. The best way will be to chat with Colmex directly. support colmex