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Our Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Program is our flagship “all included” program. It is designed to teach you from the ground up. As long as you subscribe, you’ll have unlimited access to all our education programs: courses, seminars, Trading Room, live trade calls and personal 1:1 mentoring. Our Mentorship Program is here to help you become a trader, achieve your target, and change your life.
Subscription fee: $750/month.
You can cancel your subscription at anytime

Our Program

What we’ve set up is a direct mentoring method that communicates directly with you. It lets you communicate with Meir Barak and his team and takes you all the way to success. When you join our program, you’ll first meet one of our leading trading instructors who will review, discuss and customize our program to your personal knowledge and skills, regardless of if you are just starting your trading career or if you are an experienced trader interested in advancing your skills to the next level.

Included in Our Program

Personal 1:1 Mentoring

We believe that there is nothing like 1:1 mentoring in order to help you become a successful trader. You can schedule unlimited private sessions during your program directly with our main analysts.

Self-study & Top Trader courses

Both our Self-study Course and our Top Trader Course are included in the Mentorship Program. Both are accessible 24/7 and includes training videos, interactive practice sessions and online quizzes and tests.

Weekly Mentorship Meeting

Bring your questions each week to your virtual meeting with our leading instructors and other mentorship program students. Meetings will focus on trading techniques and trade management.

Trading Room Live Mentoring

Unlimited Trading Room access is included in the program. In our Trading Room you will trade live with Meir Barak and leading traders, learn from our experience and ask real-time questions about the techniques you’re learning.

You Can Participate FREE of Charge!

We offer two options to participate in the Mentorship Program without paying tuition fees:

Colmex Account

Open a brokerage account with Colmex. Colmex may pay your tuition fees. If you already have a Colmex account, please contact your Colmex representative for further details.

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Funded Accounts

Join our Funded Accounts Program and trade our capital. You can get a live funded account which you can trade with no risk at all. All of our Funded Accounts plans include this program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect upon completing the program?

Our Mentorship Program undoubtedly is the best day trading education program available today. Our trade instructors, led by Mr. Meir Barak, one of the best-known traders worldwide and undoubtedly the best team to train you to become a stock trader. However, joining the Mentorship Program is just the first step you make in your career as a stock trader. Stock trading is a profession, and the respective professional training is similar to a marathon race and very much like in every other profession, you will be required to continue learning, gathering experience and improving your skills over many years of trade.

For how long should I join the mentoring program?

After having trained thousands of traders, we came to the conclusion that when novice traders attempt to absorb the subject matter of the studies within a short period of time, their chances of success are lower than those of traders that make slow but thorough and gradual progress and exercise the learnt curriculum. The Mentoring Program is built gradually and is based on our rich experience gathered over many years of training. You will be learning new topics week after week, practice it and progress to the next step only after controlling the subject and feeling confident enough about advancing further. This is a personally customized mentorship program devised in accordance with the progress capability and personal knowledge of each trader, whether he has previous experience in the field or not. It is up to you to know when you are ready.

Can I repeat a course?

There is no limitation as to the times you can study the courses and practice the curriculum. The self-study course is available to you 24 hours a day, and you may join the Top Trader course and our seminars as many times as you may see fit during the Program.

What should I do if I miss a class or a weekly mentoring session?

Since all sessions are recorded, you may listen to the recording, or just join the next scheduled session in any case in which you had to miss a certain class.

Is the program better for experienced traders or beginners?

The mentorship program will be personally customized to your needs, whether you have little experience in the field, or you are a trader who wishes to advance to the next professional level. It is likely, though, that an experienced stock trader will show more interest in the weekly mentoring sessions, in the Trading Room and in our Top Trader course and less in the self-study course. In spite of that, our experience shows that even experienced traders sometimes need to refresh the basics in order to advance to the next professional level.

How can I pay for the mentorship program?

You may pay with PayPal, a credit card or through a bank transfer. With a PayPal or a credit card you can pay monthly for as long as you wish to stay in the program. You can stop your recurring  monthly payments directly through your PayPal account whenever you want to cancel your membership, with or without consulting us. If you prefer the bank transfer option, you will have to prepay for a minimum of 3 months. For a bank transfer please contact [email protected] to receive our corresponding bank details.

How can I participate in the mentorship program free of charge?

We offer two options to participate in the program without paying:

  1. If you open a brokerage account with Colmex, it may pay your tuition fees.
  2. Join our Funded Accounts Program.

If you already have a Colmex account, please contact your Colmex representative for further details.

Do I get a refund of my tuition fees if I drop out of the mentorship program?

You leave whenever you like. You will not be refunded for your last monthly payment and will be able to complete your paid period, however,  you can cancel your future recurring monthly payments at any time. it is your call, however, you need to know that the first condition for success in trading is determination and persistence. You have to mark a target, understand the economic and mental significance of coping with difficulties, and make a personal decision to win at all costs. Determination is an indispensable personal quality to succeed in business, sports, marriage as well as in stock trading. We will help you to overcome any difficulty you might encounter. Our percentage of successful graduates is the highest in the entire trading industry, and we are determined to preserve our leading position.


Should I use additional learning materials?

Our study plan is based on the trade methods and the success of Tradenet’s founder, Mr. Meir Barak, writer of one of the most successful trading books “The Market Whisperer.” We recommend you purchase the book from the Amazon website and to use it as an additional tool in the course of the mentoring. Download part one of the book free of charge. The book is available online in several languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, French, Hungarian, Arabic, Hebrew


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