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Learn to trade with our Introduction to Day Trading course available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The course includes dozens of learning units, training videos, interactive practice sessions, presentations, interactive tests, supplementary materials in PDF format, and more. The course materials have been produced and filmed over the course of two intensive years of work at a great investment, and are of a high professional and technical standard.
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An Amazing Course!

Fiona Smith, UK | April 29, 2015

“An amazing course! A long time ago I decided to learn about the capital markets, but living in Newcastle it was not practical to travel to London for weekly sessions. I didn’t believe that I will join an online course until I saw the trial session. I am glad that I enrolled and recommend the course to everyone I know. The learning materials are very well written and instructive and the telephone support that I received from customer service completed the picture. Best regards to everyone and see you at the next hands on trading lesson.”

Up $6K in 14 days!

Alex Mayer, Germany | July 14, 2014

“‏I learned so much valuable knowledge in the past 2 weeks. I took my account from $26K to $32K in these 14 days. Only 2 red days! With that being said, I had my biggest day yesterday on our IPO trades. After watching some more lessons, I felt comfortable on the IPOs and took 1000 shares on both of them and, well you know the result ;)”

I couldn't thank you more!

Ryan Granet, Canada | February 20, 2015

“Meir, It is amazing how much more I can understand the market since I have started this course. At first it seemed trivial because it was going over the basics, but as in your book, you said if we skipped ahead and don’t listen to your every instruction, we have failed discipline. Do to that, I stayed on course and I followed every direction I was given. So, I made Note Cards of all the tests I have done and I have studied them when I am with my Fiance. Before starting this, I couldn’t even follow the market, now, even though I know I know very little and I haven’t completed the course, I understand so much more. It is a true investment to any trader looking to increase their income and limit their loss. I couldn’t thank you more!”

I love the course!

Ouriel Semel, USA | November 13, 2014

” I am so into the studies of the course that I dream about it last night lol. I love the course ,and the way your are teaching is so clear and professional and hopefully will be able to join your group. Thank you.”

Topics Included in Self-study Course

  • The principles of day trading
  • Practical use of indices, sectors, and prominent shares
  • How to trade in fixed share quantities and not in fixed amounts of money
  • How to trade in “points” rather than “percentages”
  • What is a long position and how to “short” a position and profit from its falling price
  • How to read and analyse charts
  • How to use a trading platform and charts in real time
  • How to use trading order such as TTO, Market, and Limit, and how to adapt them to the market conditions
  • How to identify intra-day and multi-day trading formations and patterns
  • How to develop a trading idea for buying and selling shares at different trading time frames
  • How to use moving averages and Fibonacci
  • How to handle special circumstances such as gaps and retests, small cap stocks, and more
  • Mental preparation: What to be careful of and how to handle the psychological perspective
  • How to analyze stock market announcements
  • How to prepare for pre-trading and real time trading

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