JoLinda Rhodes.
United States, New York .

I learned about the 5-Day Demo Challenge while watching a Trading video on YouTube. The Trading Room chat was very helpful in sorting out the best quality stocks to watch at market open. The challenge was very enjoyable, I treated it like real money instead of a demo account, This helped me to trade proper size and use the best risk-reward setups.
The max daily loss of $100 and max overall loss of $300 was great in helping me cut my losses quickly and letting the winners run, Instead of taking big losses and trying to trade back from them. It felt great being able to win this challenge. I feel like this is a great start to my future as a successful day trader.
I couldn't have done it without the help of Tradenet’s Analysts Team. Thank you

Carlos Chang,
Lima, Peru.

For the last months that I’ve been following Meir and Tradenet’s analysts, I found the most valuable information for trading….and LIVE during my 15 months trading!  
I am grateful to Meir and all Tradenet for the 5 days challenge, something that I’ve never seen before. The greatest opportunity to have a founded account through which I can share this passion with professional traders from all over the world!
Also the platform is very quick, easy to use and configure (I did it in 2 hours). By succeeding on the 5 days challenge, I’ll have the opportunity to develop my skills on trading and become a professional trader. My dream come true.

Andrew .
United States, New York

I came across Tradenet through a friend of mine he really liked it and recommended.
I was IMPRESSED with the quality of the study info, people by Tradenet and no PDT rule.The first 2 days were basically learning the platform. The next 3 days were all about discipline and taking right amount of shares. The level 2 and the videos how to use the platform were very helpful. On mid morning I was up $209.00 and ended the day up $619.00, up total $860 since start. WOW I DID IT!!! It has made my confidence soar!
Thank you Tradenet Academy and thank you for the opportunity. Tradenet is definitely #1 in my book and I will tell everyone.