The dollar index traded lower versus major as investors speculate a roll back in the ECB stimulus program, sending the Euro higher to two week highs while the safe heaven currencies moved lower, the JPY and CHF. Global equity markets continued to move higher led by technology stocks as investors shrug off the US China trade disputes and the upcoming North Korea summit. OIL was lower after the inventories numbers showed an increase in US stockpiles and record US production levels. Oil closed the trading day at bellow 65$ per barrel.

BOC Gov Poloz speech at 4:15 pm is the important news on the agenda Thursday.


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  -0.22% 0.34%0.33%-0.06%0.12%0.94%-0.1%
1 YEAR1.24%3.13%3.65% -2.48%14.29%8.42%



Swing trades follow up  

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NASDAQ696810200030/57130SL changed
OIL65.67632031/565.6New position
OIL65.48414031/565.6New position