The dollar index traded sharply lower versus majors pressured by new comments from US President Trump, criticizing the FED on its monetary policy. The remarks triggered a 0.7%  move lower Friday in the dollar index while all majors and metals spiked higher, led by Platinum which was higher 2.8% on the day. Global equity markets will most likely follow the US markets lower this morning, Japan on a stronger Yen and the EU markets lower on a stronger Euro. Oil traded mostly sideways Friday, closing above 68$ per barrel after a choppy trading day. The investor agenda Monday will revolve around the earnings season, the trade war and weather the dollar weakness is here to stay.

There is no important news on the agenda Monday.


-0.71%-0.98%-0.07% -0.35%-0.33%-1.44%0.17%
1 YEAR 2.63%3.03% 5.48%0.24%11.3%-6.16%



Swing trades follow up 

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
GBPUSD31430.71023/73165New position
GOLD1231302023/71236New position
GBPUSD30810.721218/73127Stopped out
DAX12322264329/612600Stopped out