The dollar traded mostly lower versus majors following the US Mexico trade agreement and investors shunning from the dollar on a sterling rally fueled by positive Brexit process talks in the UK. The sterling traded sharply higher versus majors on the news coming off two year lows versus the dollar. Global equity markets traded higher led by fresh record highs in the technology sector and the only lagging market at this point is the Chinese one, waiting for the upcoming new trade deal with the US. Oil traded higher on the inventories number after a fall in US stockpiles and fears off supply disruption in Iran and Venezuela, to close above 69.5$ per barrel.

CAD GDP at 1:30 pm is the important news on the agenda Thursday.


-0.65%-0.54%-0.44% 0.1%-0.16%-0.97%0.54%
1 YEAR4.66% 2.69%8.8%1.54%18.02%-12.35%



Swing trades follow up  

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
GBPUSD30230.7-1530/83000New position
EURJPY127.760.7175022/8130.2SL changed
EURJPY128.320.7138023/8130.2SL changed