The dollar traded mostly lower versus majors in relief of the Turkish crisis and a better sentiment towards the US China trade war which seems to go thru a more positive faze for both parties. The Euro rebounded from year lows versus the dollar and some investors seem to pick it up at record lows for 2018 versus majors. Global equity markets traded higher after the decision to proceed with talk between the US and China officials on the trade disputes, led by US and EU markets. Metals reversed after yesterday sharp selloff and the overall sentiment was positive despite the lower volume and low volatility, as expected for this August doldrums season.

CAD CPI at 1:30 pm is the important news on the agenda Friday.


-0.11%0.61% 0.78%0.82%    0.55% 0.45%-0.58%
1 YEAR0.26% 2.28%3.93%-2.44%13.15%-12.46%



Swing trades follow up 

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
OIL65.7653015/865SL changed
EURCAD48180.780015/84934SL changed
USDSEK17390.7-9316/81618Stopped out
GBPUSD27210.76017/82690New position