March 22, 2018.

The FX and commodities markets reacted to the release of the FOMC statement yesterday. The dollar traded sharply lower versus majors and lost more than one percent versus commodities currencies and commodities traded higher in response to the dovish news release. OIL was the big gainer jumping to 6 week highs on a surprise drop in US stockpiles and hefty demand despite the rise in US production, to close above 65$ per barrel. Global markets had a minor reaction, trading a mixed overnight Asian session.

UK Retail sales at 9:30 am and the UK MPC official bank rate at noon are the important news on the agenda Thursday.


21.20180.95%-0.35%0.2% 0.56%1.08%2.8%
-1.4%-0.49%0.95%1.01%-1.4%1.2% 0.96%
1 YEAR3.4%-3.9%4.91%-0.57%10.95%16.87%


Swing trades follow up  

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
EURUSD22660.756021/32266SL changed
EURJPY130.550.7-21421/3130.25Stopped out
GBPUSD40500.878021/34050New position
NASDAQ69005-25020/36850Stopped out
NASDAQ68915-1022/36800New position


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