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Meir Barak is inviting you to join him, Scott Malatesta and Tradnet’s selected analysts at their live day trading chat room.
Watch them day trade, ask them questions and get tips to become a better trader!

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Don’t lose your hard-earned money! Watch professional day traders trade live, and ask questions on our live trading chat room. Take this unique opportunity to learn from the best, free of charge!

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Going Live Daily Monday to Friday

European market session 9:00 a.m. GMT

US Stock Trading 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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This is what the live trading room looks like - take a look!

Below, you can see a snapshot of the live trading chat room Tradenet runs and operates.

snapshoot of the live trading chat room

Our live trading chat room contains graphs, tables and indicators. All those show you what stock is being traded, the direction in which a market is going, the trader’s profit and loss, and other factors. During trading, the analyst hosting the trading room will show you the ins and outs of trading, by sharing his computer screen.

Note that Tradenet’s analysts do not shy away from admitting they had a bad day. They would post their P/L and take the credit when it is good, and learn from mistakes when it is not that great.