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What is the reward for the Tradenet Trading Challenge?

Pass our Tradenet Trading Challenge to win unbelievable prizes!
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Some of our rewards to you include

  • Access to Tradenet’s Simulated trading chat room, where you can learn from our mentors experience and practice with them.

  • Access to Meir Barak’s best-selling trading book, The Market Whisperer.

  • Access to Tradenet’s interactive Self Study Course

This promotion is meant for all day traders who have high potential but are in the early to mid-level part of their career.

If you win - You will Receive OUR INTRO program

  • As a part of the Tradenet Trading Challenge, every trader who qualifies for the challenge, receives a demo trading account with a trading balance of $10,000.

  • By the end of the challenge, five trading days after it starts, the trader must generate a net profit of $500 or more, in total. All the while, traders must adhere to a set of terms and conditions for 5 consecutive trading days (for the full terms and conditions, see below)

  • The trader must trade on at least three active trading days out of the five.

  • The trader must attain daily gains of $100 or more in account value on at least two trading days.

  • All positions must be closed by the end of the trading day.

  • Maximum daily loss of up to $100 and maximum total loss of up to $300 worth of account value. As soon as the maximum loss limit is reached, the trader loses the challenge.

  • Traders must trade between six and a twenty trading tickets per active trading day.

  • The registered recipient of the challenge is the only one authorized to participate in the demo challenge. The right to participate in the challenge is non-transferable.

  • Winners will be required to complete a short survey and provide a short video testimonial as per Tradenet’s requirements.

  • The participant irrevocably permits Tradenet to publish their names, video and trading results, without any remuneration or credit to the participant.

The prize must be claimed within seven days following the successful completion of the challenge.
Reaching maximum loss limits will result in disqualification from the trading challenge.

More about the trading challenge

Tradenet offers a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity for experience and inexperienced traders to take part in the Tradenet Simulated Trading Challenge. It is an opportunity for traders to prove that they have what it takes to become a successful trader.

The purpose of the Trading Challenge is to bring to light new, talented, and skilled day traders and help them grow as traders and as students together with Tradenet.

The challenge is not easy. It is demanding and complex, yet, for the traders who can cope with the difficulties, there is an excellent chance to win the challenge and receive a fantastic reward.

The reward is Tradenet’s industry-leading Intro Package contents free of charge.

To learn more about the hundreds of aspiring and successful day traders who have benefitted from the Tradenet Trading Challenge, you should check out their testimonials at Tradenet’s YouTube Day Trading Channel.

The Challenge is Not Easy and Not for Everyone.

Tradenet Simulated Trading Challenge is not a walk in the park. The purpose of the challenge is to identify top traders. Therefore, traders with little-to-no trading experience may often get rejected, unfortunately.

The Tradenet Simulated Trading Challenge is designed exclusively for high-potential, skilled traders. Therefore, the level of complexity and difficulty is far from easy.

The challenge is a method to identify who are the traders who might be able to cope with the stress and daily mental difficulties associated with day-to-day trading. Those who successfully win the demo challenge are considered strong and competent traders.

To learn more about the challenges associated with day trading and be successful at it, take the Tradenet 14-day simulated trading room trial. It gives the traders access to Meir Barak and other top analysts’ live trading to learn strategies, mirror all their trades, and learn to spot trends and patterns, along with the exclusive chance of speaking with current and past challenge participants for the most relevant challenge inputs.

As a bottom line, Tradenet Demo Challenge gives the top day traders an opportunity to display their skills and strategies, learn more from experienced analysts and veteran challenge winners to up their game, and implement them to win our Intro package.

good luck!