Trading Chat Room Support

Trading Chat Room Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into the Trading Chat Room?




You can use this Trading Chat Room login link: :  You will also need your username (generally your email) and your password, which you will find in the email sent to you when you signed up for the room.  If you lost it, you can retrieve it by contacting your account manager or the Tradenet Support Manger.


What should I expect to see or hear in the Trading Chat Room?


Among several other functions, you should hear the analysts talking, see the charts they post when they share their screen, see the general chat area, see the “Announcements” tab where the analysts post their picks and have access to documents which you can download.


Where can I see what trades the analysts are in?


Under the Announcements Tab

I have an issue with the sound in the room, What should I do?

Make sure you are in the right audio channel located at the bottom left of the room. ? mark channel is the Universal primary channel we use in the room.

I hear an echo when I am in the room, What should I do?

The echo can be fixed by going to the top right, selecting the RED X and refreshing the room.

Why do I have to occasionally have to switch between different audio channels?

At Tradenet we offer our services in a variety of languages and we continue to grow for traders all across the world, so we use multiple audio channels so that you can choose your language preference of choice to listen in. You will need to make sure you are logged into the appropriate audio channel by selecting the audio switch located at the bottom left of our chat room.

Why aren’t stops always put into the announcements section?

Each analyst has their style of trading, and sometimes during the busier market times an exact stop won’t be added initially to the announcements tab but is mentioned verbally in the room their idea of a stop loss. It is always good to have a stop loss in mind before entering the trade so you know if the price gets to that area, that your trade idea is wrong.

Can I be profitable within a few months I have bills to pay?

Any profession takes time to learn and trading is no different, we advise that you set yourself up to learn for a longer period of time as this profession takes education and a lot of screen time to be successful.

Can I re-arrange the size of my screen to watch the analysts screens?

Yes, we recommend you play around with the settings on the top of the page to see what works best for you, you can always just refresh the day trading room if you need to reset the settings by going to the top right and selecting the Red X and refreshing the room. If you have any specific questions feel free to private message the Tradenet Support Manager.

What is the benefit of the Tradenet trading chat room over other rooms?


We are known for our transparency: Our analysts are trading their own live accounts, posting their trades in the room before they take them and discussing their live trades, targets, stops and P&L throughout the trading day. We provide services to hundreds of traders, from which many are successful professionals who also post their trades too in the room. Tradenet offers a wide variety of services and experiences for a large spectrum of traders. We pride ourselves on profitability and trading correctly in the US and EU Markets.


There seems to be a slight delay or lag in the room, is this normal?


It is normal to have a slight lag or delay as much information is being transferred, however it should not be longer than a couple seconds. Make sure you have a high speed internet connection and a computer that can keep up with the demands of a platform with charting software.

I have a question; may I post it in the room?



Sure, we encourage our members to chat with other traders and post their questions, trade ideas, or any remarks. Our room is an important educational tool and we will make an effort to answer any question posted in the room. If you have any service related question you should address it privately to the Tradenet Support Manager and if you have any private request from one of our analysts, you may privately address them too.